A bodybuilder unpacks "underground funds"

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Bodybuilders – they are strong, think they are beautiful, and are doped. It doesn’t work without it, doping is part of business. They get their funds illegally, underground. A muscleman from Hamburg unpacks. He tells what preparations he takes and how much the monthly dose costs him.

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It’s 10.30 a.m. An ordinary gym in Hamburg. Dumbbells are on the shelves, two men are training on the machines. An elderly lady is doing sit ups on a blue gym mat. It smells of musty sweat, radio music is booming from the speakers. Markus Meier (name changed), 51, sits at the bar. 110 kilograms of concentrated power, chest circumference 154 centimeters, thigh circumference 75 centimeters. He wants to talk about professional bodybuilding and doping. For fear of insulting his colleagues, he wants to remain anonymous.