“50 Shades of gray”, “secretary” and co .: tingling pain

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Games with bondage are part of the BDSM scene. Submission and dominance are two central issues. Photo: Kaspars Grinvalds / Fotolia

Millions watch the "50 Shades of Gray" films. But hardly anyone wants to talk about BDSM in public. How is it that you can stand on pain?

Stuttgart – Anastasia is naked. She leans forward, leaning on her arms. Christian stands behind her, breathing heavily: "I’m going to hit you six times now, and you will count with me." Then he hits her bottom six times with a leather belt. And Anastasia and the audience count. In the seventh week after the film started, “50 Shades Of Gray – Dangerous Love” still ranks eighth on the cinema charts. The game with pain, pleasure and power seems to fascinate the Germans, with the books and films it has moved a little further into the public eye. "In the social perception this is still something forbidden," says sexologist Kirstin Linnemann, who is writing her dissertation on this at the University of Kassel.