A portrait of olaf glaeseker: the "presidential whisperer"

By admin

It was in 1999 when a journalist from Oldenburg got a job: to help Lower Saxony’s CDU opposition leader to political rise – in the party and in state elections. The journalist’s name was Olaf Glaeseker, the politician’s name was Christian Wulff. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

The puller in the background

And Glaeseker, henceforth spokesman for the CDU Lower Saxony, did his job well: Wulff’s image changed – the once staid boredom and born loser became a winner, a beaming man. He won state elections and at times became the most popular politician. Observers strongly attribute this to Glaeseker’s influence. "I always had the impression that Wulff is capable and willing to advise", Glaeseker once said. "I was basically the corrective." Wulff’s career was his work, the media even said.

When Wulff became Prime Minister of Lower Saxony in 2003, Glaeseker came along as a government spokesman – officially with the rank of State Secretary. Wulff’s separation from his first wife and the beginning of the relationship with his current wife Bettina were skilfully and very aggressively launched by Glaeseker in the press. Wulff’s image, until now that of the good son-in-law type, gained in many facets. Glaeseker was the classic "spin doctor", the man in the background who pulled the strings. A puller.