Green party leadership disapproves of palmer

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The dispute over Tubingen’s mayor Palmer reminds some Greens of the SPD’s suffering with Thilo Sarrazin. The Greens have now given Palmer a sharp rebuke – and want to act differently than the SPD.

By Eckart Aretz,

Boris Palmer knows how to deal with noisy rioters – if necessary, he invokes his powers as Tubingen’s mayor and records the person’s personal details himself. This is what happened last autumn.

Green politician boris palmer: winfried kretschmann holds on to tubingen’s mayor

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Because of Boris Palmer’s controversial statements about older people in the corona pandemic, state chairmen Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand suggested that he quit the party. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Tom Weller

Prime Minister Kretschmann sticks to Tubingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer – despite his verbal escapades. There is bad air at the Greens in Tubingen, because not everyone is for Palmer as an OB candidate in 2022.

Tubingen / Stuttgart – Baden-Wurttemberg’s Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann still considers the mayor of Tubingen, Boris Palmer, who is controversial in his party, suitable for higher political offices. In response to a corresponding question in Stuttgart on Tuesday, Kretschmann said: "Sure, as far as I know, he wants to become mayor of Tubingen again." “I’ve never been unreconciled with him. I often have angry debates with him. ”At the end of last week, Palmer said he was hoping for a“ reconciliation ”with the Greens.