Nrw limits the number of guests at celebrations to a maximum of 50

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Large wedding celebrations will no longer be possible in NRW. Prime Minister Armin Laschet announced this on Sunday. In addition, there should be uniform rules for all municipalities.

Fewer people in a confined space, uniform rules for all municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia: these are the main points of the measures that the state government wants to take to combat the corona pandemic. As Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) announced on Sunday after a special session of the cabinet, in view of the increasing numbers of infections it is important to take joint measures before winter. These should then apply to all hotspots in the country, i.e. for the municipalities or districts in which there were more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week.

Major events are canceled

Specifically: The number of people in such a risk area who come from different households and want to meet in a public space will in future be halved from ten to five. Events with more than 500 people outdoors and 250 indoors are canceled – large-scale pub visits are no longer possible. In addition, the mask must not be put down in place. These rules are due to come into force soon – but the exact date has not yet been determined.