34 Cents more minimum wage for employees

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The statutory minimum wage in Germany will rise to EUR 8.84 in early 2017. This was laid down by the minimum wage commission for employers and employees in Berlin. The lower wage limit is currently 8.50 euros.

On January 1, 2017, the statutory minimum wage in Germany will rise from the current EUR 8.50 to EUR 8.84. This was announced by the minimum wage commission in Berlin. The decision was made unanimously, said the chairman of the commission and former labor director of the energy company RWE, Jan Zilius. 

The basis for the decision of the committee – in which employers and trade unions are represented equally – is the tariff index determined by the Federal Statistical Office. Around 500 collective agreements are incorporated into it. In the past year and a half, wages and salaries rose by an average of 3.2 percent. Until recently, it was a matter of dispute between the employer and employee camps whether the latest collective bargaining agreements in the public sector and in the metal and electrical industries should also be taken into account. In the end, it was decided to at least consider public service degrees.