Now more than one million corona infections worldwide

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The number of corona infections has risen to over a million worldwide. More than 53,000 people have died from the virus so far. In the USA in particular, the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic.

In the United States, the world’s highest number of deaths from the novel coronavirus was recorded within 24 hours within a country. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 1,169 additional deaths were recorded between 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time Wednesday and the same time Thursday evening. The sad record had so far been held by Italy with 969 corona deaths on March 27.

Overall, the Johns Hopkins University counted 5926 fatalities in the United States by Thursday evening. According to forecasts by the US government, between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the US could die from the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. 

500 Million euros in emergency aid for angry farmers

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The dairy farmers are angry: Because falling prices threaten their existence, they protested in Brussels. Some of them set up burning barricades and the police used water cannons. The EU Commission has now promised the farmers 500 million euros in aid.

Accompanied by violent protests by thousands of farmers against the fall in prices for agricultural products, the EU agriculture ministers in Brussels have sought ways out of the milk price crisis. According to the police, almost 5000 farmers with over 1500 tractors from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany paralyzed parts of the Belgian capital. Occasionally they threw eggs and stones and set tires on fire. In front of the headquarters of the EU Commission and EU Council, the police used water cannons to prevent farmers from breaking through the barriers.

The dairy farmers are so upset, because they fear for their existence due to the drop in milk prices. The slogans on their protest posters in Brussels were, for example: "Farmers need a fair price – 40 cents per liter of milk" and "The milk market is on fire, politics is sleeping!" It was the third crisis in six years, complained the Bavarian dairy farmer Manfred Gilch: "Every time the market overflows because the production is above the demand," he said. A farmer from Calvados in western France also said: "Every morning you get up and lose money milking our cows."

34 Million people in latin america are unemployed due to corona

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Even before the corona crisis, the economic situation in many Latin American countries was difficult – it is all the harder now. 34 million people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. More and more live in poverty.

At least 34 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean lost their jobs because of the corona pandemic in the first half of 2020. This emerges from a report that the International Labor Organization (ILO) presented in the Peruvian capital Lima.

The report is based on data from nine countries that together make up more than 80 percent of the region’s total population. The UN organization warned of an unprecedented crisis in the labor markets and "a drastic shrinkage of employment, working hours and income." At the beginning of August, the ILO had estimated the number of jobs lost in the region at 14 million.