400,000 Us documents on the iraq war at wikileaks

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The Internet platform WikiLeaks has published almost 400,000 documents on the Iraq war on its website. This is said to be previously classified material from the US armed forces and the secret service from the period from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2009. If the information is correct, then it is the largest disclosure of secret information in US history. Most of the documents were written by young field officers. WikiLeaks did not provide any details about the origin of the files.

Helpless US Army

The documents had been leaked to various media in advance, including the "New York Times", the British daily "Guardian", the "Spiegel" and the Arab television station Al Jazeera. The "New York Times" spoke of a "drastic portrait" of the war. Der Spiegel wrote that the documents from 2004 to 2009 showed how Iraqi society had been brutalized by the war. Kidnapping, executions and torture of prisoners have become routine. In addition, the documents apparently demonstrate the helplessness of the US Army in the face of the increasingly chaotic situation in Iraq.

Torture allegations not pursued

In sober, dry military language, the documents describe thousands of battles with insurgents, bomb attacks and vehicle breakdowns. It is the many details that make up the effect of the documents. The military documents suggest that US forces have often failed to investigate serious allegations of abuse against Iraqi security forces.