A constitution for europe

By admin

Ten states are to join the European Union. Never before has the Union accepted so many newcomers at once. Is the EU fit for this enormous expansion? It still has only 15 and not 25 members, but its organs and decision-making processes are no longer suitable in their current form to cope with the complex tasks appropriately. In December 2000, the heads of state and government of the EU met in Nice to change something. But the Nice Summit hardly brought any solutions. That is why the heads of state commissioned a convention which has the task of giving the EU a constitution and reforming it so that it remains governable.

Which majority should it be??

Much depends on the question of how decisions are to be made in the EU in the future. For a long time this could only be done unanimously. For some years now, majority decisions have also been possible, but these majorities are tied to such complicated conditions that they do not bring any relief. So how are 25 states supposed to make decisions when one can destroy them again and again??

Accustomed to democratic decision-making processes, one would assume that a proposal will be accepted if the majority of states vote in favor. On the other hand, the large countries of the EU argue that the voice of a country such as that of the candidate country Malta with almost 400,000 inhabitants would then count as much as the voice of the Federal Republic with a population of 80 million. Peter Glotz, who represented the federal government in the European Convention until October 2002, asked in an interview with that there must be majority decisions in all policy areas for which the EU is responsible. However, according to Glotz, the majority must be a "double majority": namely the majority of states, which must also represent the majority of the population at the same time. Glotz sees good chances for this solution in the Convention, but is skeptical whether the heads of state and government would also agree to such a model. If no agreement can be found, the EU threatens to become incapable of acting with the eastward expansion.