Correspondents assess german euro policy

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Anyone who follows German media learns a lot about Merkel’s attitude & Co to the debt crisis. If you want to know how this is perceived in the rest of Europe, the best thing to do is to ask those who write about it every day: Berlin correspondents from abroad.

By Oliver Neuroth, SWR, ARD capital studio

"What is actually being played there?" – This is what many foreign correspondents who work for international newspapers, radio and television stations in Berlin ask. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble is called "the last real European in the federal government" who wants to save the euro. Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the other hand, seems like the cool pragmatist.

A portrait of the german eu ambassador

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Wilhelm Schonfelder is perhaps the most important German connection to Brussels. The 66-year-old is the Federal Government’s ambassador to the European Union. As the only German ambassador, he is directly involved in the legislative process.

By Peter Heilbrunnner, SWR-BR-MDR-Studio Brussels

Without the German presidency, Wilhelm Schonfelder would probably have long since retired – at 66 years of age, the German EU ambassador would have long been the appropriate age. But if the Chancellor and Foreign Minister ask, then even a Schonfelder cannot say no, because after all, firstly, it is a vote of confidence and, secondly, he simply enjoys the work.