A comparison of election programs: mobility

By admin

All parties agree that more goods should be shifted from the road to the rails and waterways. With the exception of the Left Party, everyone is in favor of alternative drives such as electric cars. They disagree on the speed limit on motorways: the Greens and the Left Party are in favor. The CDU, CSU and FDP speak out against it.


The Union wants to provide additional funds for the transport infrastructure. 25 billion euros are to be invested in trunk roads. Where it makes sense, freight traffic should be shifted to rail and waterways. The union supports one Interaction of the transport systems and does not want to rely "one-sidedly on certain modes of transport". She speaks for alternative drive concepts and sets the target that there will be a million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2020. Car sharing and rental bike models are to be used more and more. Cycle paths are to be expanded and safety for cyclists increased. A general one Speed ​​limit The Union rejects this on motorways. It is also considering abolishing the one introduced in 2010 Aviation tax.


For the SPD, mobility must be "economically sensible, socially just and ecologically sensible". It wants to make sufficient funds available for federal transport routes and bridges national traffic route program hang up. The SPD wants to drastically reduce the number of traffic jams and shift more traffic to rail and waterways. In rail traffic, it demands punctuality and reliability and strives for a Germany-cycle of coordinated connections. A Privatization of the railway rejects the SPD. The noise protection at airports, roads and railways she wants to improve and that Cycle path network Remove. New drives and fuels should be promoted and existing ones become more efficient.