Corruption process: wulff feels reminded of kafka

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Former Federal President Christian Wulff on the way to the district court Photo: dpa

Former Federal President Christian Wulff finds questions from the Hanover Regional Court kafkaesque. The accusation of taking advantage is not confirmed by the witnesses.

Hanover – Probably the most important answer that day in Room 127 of the Hanover Regional Court comes just before lunch. “No,” says Anton M., the 48-year-old reception director at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. No, Christian Wulff need not have found out that David Groenewold was responsible for part of his hotel bill. Wulff’s defender, Bernd Mussig, nods with satisfaction.

A portrait of andreas scheuer: someone who feels misunderstood

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Hardly anyone tries so hard to produce good news: But hardly anyone earns so much ridicule. To this end, the committee of inquiry hangs on his neck. About someone who feels misunderstood.

By Iris Marx,

It is logistics day. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer visits a large service provider near Berlin. In a good mood, he approaches one of the "truck drivers", as he calls them, has a little chat and happily reports that he will inaugurate a loo house afterwards. Yes, Scheuer also thinks about that: the small needs that can turn into big problems for some truck drivers on their tour. The somewhat perplexed "truck driver" smiles.