Corporations voluntarily take action against fake news

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According to the EU Commission, Facebook, Google and other large technology groups will voluntarily take action against false news. With a new code of conduct, companies want to avoid mandatory requirements.

Online giants such as Facebook and Google want to take stronger action against false information on the Internet. The companies signed a corresponding code of conduct on a voluntary basis, as announced by the EU Commission. This should "contribute to a transparent, fair and trustworthy online campaign in the run-up to the European elections in spring 2019", said the responsible EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Large corporations included

So far, among others, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla, Google and thus YouTube have signed. You undertake to withdraw advertising income from disseminating false information in online offers. In addition, advertising should be clearly marked and action should be taken against the misuse of automated bots for disseminating fake news. Opportunities for users to complain are to be expanded.