Greenland and the opportunities of climate change

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The climate is changing dramatically on the world’s largest island: in the summer of 2019 alone, Greenland lost 320 billion tons of ice. But the Greenlanders see climate change positively.

By Christian Stichler, ARD-Studio Stockholm, currently. Nuuk

The thermometer shows 15 degrees below zero. It’s an icy morning by the Godthåbsfjord in Nuuk. Aslak Jensen must first clear snow and ice from his boat before it goes out to sea. The 45-year-old is a professional fisherman. His parents had once moved to Greenland from Denmark.

A comparison of election programs: climate protection

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The SPD, the Greens and the Left Party are calling for a national climate protection law, while the Union and the FDP are relying on international agreements. All parties want to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the exception of the Left Party, all are in favor of emissions trading, albeit with different orientations.


As a leading industrialized country, the Union assigns Germany a special responsibility in terms of climate protection. She wants that Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by 2020 by 30 percent compared to 1990. Germany should act as a pioneer and reduce emissions in the same period 40 percent reduce. The Europe-wide Emissions trading should be more market-based and supplemented by other countries – with the long-term goal of a global trading system. Research projects should municipal climate protection strengthen. The Union wants a new international one Climate protection agreement, which follows on from the Kyoto Protocol.


The SPD wants that Greenhouse gases By 2020 by 40 percent, by 2030 by 60 percent and by 2050 by 95 percent – in each case compared to 1990. A national Climate Protection Act be adopted, in which climate targets are prescribed for relevant sectors such as industry, transport, agriculture and forestry. The Emissions trading should be reactivated. The SPD wants to change international climate policy. Instead of waiting for "the slowest ship in the convoy", alliances are to be formed among those who go ahead.