Green transport ministers do not want to weaken the catalog of fines

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Transport Minister Scheuer wants to use a formal error to implement changes to the content of the catalog of fines decided by the Federal Council. In contrast, the federal states’ transport ministries led by the Greens are now announcing an initiative.

It is a further chapter in the dispute over the stricter catalog of fines for traffic offenders originally decided by the Federal Council: The transport departments in Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hesse, led by the Greens, announced that they would not respond to a Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to want to accept the required mitigation of the more stringent regulations.

Higher sentences were a done deal

The background to this is the changes to the road traffic regulations and the catalog of fines decided by the Federal Council, which include a one-month driving ban even if the speed limit is significantly lower than before.