Nrw: arrests after child pornography find

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After the arrest of four suspects, the Cologne police announced details of possible child abuse cases. She is currently evaluating extensive material.

In the case of child pornography in Bergisch Gladbach, the Cologne police now responsible announced further details on Thursday (October 31, 2019). As things stand, there are so far six victims of abuse between the ages of one and ten years. According to the investigation, the victims are the children or stepchildren of the alleged perpetrators who are currently being looked after by police staff.

Police President Uwe Jakob said at the press conference that he was stunned and dismayed in view of the terrible deeds of the accused so far. The police discovered thousands of photos and videos of children.

Npd march in hanover: 7000 people demonstrate against the right

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According to the police, the demonstrations in Hanover were largely peaceful until the end. Photo: dpa / Ole Spata

More than 7000 people protested loudly and colorfully in Hanover against threats from journalists by right-wing extremists. State politics also condemned a march of the NPD against critical journalists, which was the reason for the large counter-demonstration.

Hanover – Around 7,300 people demonstrated in Hanover against threats to journalists from right-wing extremists and for the freedom of the press. Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) also lined up among the demonstrators on Saturday. The occasion was a rally by the right-wing extremist NPD against critical journalists, for which, according to the police, around 120 participants gathered. According to the police, the demonstrations were largely peaceful until the end. On the fringes of the NPD rally, there was repeated tussle with counter-demonstrators, four people were temporarily arrested.

Now the federal government is suing toll companies

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The Ministry of Transport and the companies operating the failed car toll have not been able to agree on a regulation of mutual claims. Now the federal government is suing the companies – the case is going to court.

The dispute over compensation for the failed car toll must be brought to an arbitration tribunal. The upstream dispute settlement procedure had failed, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Transport. The federal government, for its part, has now submitted an arbitration claim against the companies involved in the planned toll. The newspapers of the Funke media group had previously reported on this development.

The ticket marketer Eventim and the Austrian toll controller Kapsch are demanding more than 560 million euros in damages from Germany for lost profits. The Ministry of Transport denies the claims and, in turn, accuses the company of breaches of contract, which now also result in a lawsuit and demands, as the spokeswoman said. She did not want to give any information about the amount.

Now more than one million corona infections worldwide

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The number of corona infections has risen to over a million worldwide. More than 53,000 people have died from the virus so far. In the USA in particular, the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic.

In the United States, the world’s highest number of deaths from the novel coronavirus was recorded within 24 hours within a country. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 1,169 additional deaths were recorded between 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time Wednesday and the same time Thursday evening. The sad record had so far been held by Italy with 969 corona deaths on March 27.

Overall, the Johns Hopkins University counted 5926 fatalities in the United States by Thursday evening. According to forecasts by the US government, between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the US could die from the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. 

Novosybkov: 20 years after the worst-case scenario

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The city of Novosybkov is located on the Belarusian-Russian border, in the Briansk Oblast. After the Chernobyl disaster, it has achieved a sad record: it is the worst contaminated city in the Russian Federation.

By Horst Klauser, ARD radio studio Moscow.

It’s never been nice here. 45,000 people live in the gray city today. It used to be 60,000 – before Chernobyl. And for those who don’t know, life here can only be joyless. The Lenin statue looks out over the oversized square in front of the town hall. The neon signs in the few shops are rusting and hanging on cables from the house wall. There was work in the long-closed textile combine and also on the many kolkhozes in the area. The roofs of the tractor halls and stables have collapsed and covered in moss, rusty steel girders point bizarrely into the cloudy sky over the arable soils, which were once among the most fertile in Europe. Nobody grows anything here, and no cattle graze here. The land is dead, birch trees grow where there used to be furrows, waist-high bushes cover the former grain fields.

November lockdown: is that proportionate?

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Closed gastronomy, stop for artists, limited contacts: Is the "lockdown light" actually compatible with the Basic Law?

By Michael-Matthias Nordhardt, ARD legal editor

One thing is clear: The measures decided are associated with serious encroachments on fundamental rights for many people. Gastronomy and cultural institutions have to close, artists can no longer perform – this is a restriction on professional freedom. Contact restrictions and party bans, however, interfere with the general freedom of action.

November pogroms: "we have to act"

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Germany’s head of state has warned that anti-Semitism is re-emerging. On the anniversary of the November pogroms, Federal President Steinmeier called for action. Jewish life must be protected.

On the anniversary of the Pogrom Night, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for consistent action against anti-Semitism in Germany. He was ashamed that Jews with a kippah did not feel safe on the streets in this country and that Jewish houses of prayer had to be protected, Steinmeier said in a joint video message with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his Austrian counterpart Alexander van der Bellen.

"We stand together, in Vienna, in Jerusalem, in Berlin," the three presidents continued. The message is part of a joint worldwide campaign in commemoration of the November pogroms of 1938 under the title "Let there be light". "I am ashamed that a fatal attack on the synagogue in Halle a year ago on Yom Kippur was only prevented by a heavy wooden door," said Steinmeier. However, it is not enough to describe reality: "We have to act." Steinmeier again committed to the fight against anti-Semitism and to the protection of Jewish life.

Greenpeace: us jets would cost around eight billion euros

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According to a Greenpeace calculation, the Bundeswehr’s planned procurement of 45 F-18 fighter jets from the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing could cost up to eight billion euros. In Corona times, this is a waste of scarce resources.

According to an estimate commissioned by Greenpeace, the purchase of 45 F-18 fighter jets from the US manufacturer Boeing, which the Department of Defense is aiming for, could cost around eight billion euros. This was reported first by the "Suddeutsche Zeitung". The calculation comes to the result that procurement costs "at a minimum" would be between 7.67 and 8.77 billion euros. The authors are the director of the Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security, Otfried Nassauer, and the former officer Ulrich Scholz.

The Greenpeace calculation is based on information from the Australian Court of Auditors on a procurement project for F-18 aircraft in Australia. The Ministry of Defense wants to replace the outdated Tornado fleet of the German Air Force with up to 93 Eurofighters and 45 F-18 combat aircraft.

Greenpeace: home office can save millions of tons of co2

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Telephone and video conferencing instead of daily car trips to the office: According to a Greenpeace study, millions of tons of CO2 could be saved if more people would work more often in the home office.

According to a study, home office saves millions of tons of CO2 and noticeably reduces traffic loads.

CO2 emissions in traffic can fall by 5.4 million tons per year if 40 percent of employees work from home two days a week. This corresponds to 18 percent of all emissions caused by commuting, according to a study by the Berlin Institute IZT.

Greenpeace demands full vat on meat

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Greenpeace calls for measures for animal welfare: the introduction of an animal welfare tax – and full value added tax on meat and milk. Consumers should cost almost ten euros more per month.

By Birgit Schmeitzner, ARD capital studio

Promoting animal welfare while protecting the climate – this is Greenpeace’s approach. According to Martin Hofstetter, agricultural expert at the environmental organization, livestock husbandry in its current form has no future. But for an agricultural turnaround, money is needed. According to Greenpeace, this should be paid for by the consumer, the state must create the appropriate system and pass the money on to the farmers.