In the abuse scandal, two men stand before the Monchengladbach regional court. You are accused of sexual abuse of children in 79 cases.

Before the regional court Monchengladbach The first nationwide trial of the abuse scandal, which first became known in Bergisch Gladbach, starts on Wednesday (April 29th, 2020). Two 39-year-old men from Krefeld and Viersen are charged.

The men are accused of sexual abuse of children in 79 cases. They are also charged with producing, distributing, and owning child pornography.

Passed on by daughter and niece

According to the indictment, the man from Krefeld has regularly and seriously violated his daughter since 2016 when she was visiting him. The parents lived separately.

The defendant from Viersen is said to have abused his niece again and again since 2015 – sometimes in front of the eyes of the little sibling. Apparently his parents had entrusted him with the children over several days.

According to the court, the two abused girls were six to eleven years old at the time of the offense.

Joint meetings since 2017

The defendants got to know each other in 2017 via an internet platform for pedophiles. From the spring of 2017 they are said to have repeatedly arranged meetings at which they are said to have abused the two girls, sometimes severely together.

To this end, the two men had also established a system that was aimed specifically at rewarding and getting used to – with gifts of money and goods.

Evaluated huge amounts of data

In the abuse scandal, more than 200 investigators have been evaluating a huge amount of data since the end of 2019: Dozens of men are said to have abused and filmed children, and in some cases the children were probably also exchanged with one another via secret Internet forums. Investigations are now taking place across Germany – in North Rhine-Westphalia alone against at least 23 suspects.

According to the police and public prosecutor’s office, nine of the suspects are in custody. 19 negotiation days are scheduled until mid-September 2020.