After the arrest of four suspects, the Cologne police announced details of possible child abuse cases. She is currently evaluating extensive material.

In the case of child pornography in Bergisch Gladbach, the Cologne police now responsible announced further details on Thursday (October 31, 2019). As things stand, there are so far six victims of abuse between the ages of one and ten years. According to the investigation, the victims are the children or stepchildren of the alleged perpetrators who are currently being looked after by police staff.

Police President Uwe Jakob said at the press conference that he was stunned and dismayed in view of the terrible deeds of the accused so far. The police discovered thousands of photos and videos of children.

Four arrests so far

In addition to the alleged producer of the abuse videos, the police arrested three other suspect men. You should belong to a network that exchanges child pornography. The police have indications that these four men presumably have data with child pornography content and are also perpetrators in the area of ​​child abuse themselves.

The search of the apartment in Bergisch Gladbach showed that children had been abused and filmed in the rooms. Four public prosecutor’s offices are already involved in solving the case: In Cologne, Dusseldorf, Kleve and Wiesbaden.

Huge amounts of data

Police President Uwe Jakob spoke at the press conference about a very complex investigation. It is still unclear since when the abuse took place. To find out, the police are now examining the extensive data from the apartment.

The data seized by the police are more than three terabytes in size. The data carriers are currently being evaluated in order to identify and convict any other perpetrators.

Just the tip of the iceberg?

There were also probably several crime scenes. Traces led to other men on the Lower Rhine and in the Wiesbaden area. The suspect from Bergisch Gladbach is said to have exchanged messages with them via messenger services. It is not yet certain whether there were also meetings.