Because of Boris Palmer’s controversial statements about older people in the corona pandemic, state chairmen Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand suggested that he quit the party. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Tom Weller

Prime Minister Kretschmann sticks to Tubingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer – despite his verbal escapades. There is bad air at the Greens in Tubingen, because not everyone is for Palmer as an OB candidate in 2022.

Tubingen / Stuttgart – Baden-Wurttemberg’s Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann still considers the mayor of Tubingen, Boris Palmer, who is controversial in his party, suitable for higher political offices. In response to a corresponding question in Stuttgart on Tuesday, Kretschmann said: "Sure, as far as I know, he wants to become mayor of Tubingen again." “I’ve never been unreconciled with him. I often have angry debates with him. ”At the end of last week, Palmer said he was hoping for a“ reconciliation ”with the Greens.

The state chairmen Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand had suggested to Palmer to quit the party in May – because of his controversial statements about older people in the corona pandemic ("We may save people in Germany who would be dead in six months anyway."). One will no longer support Palmer in a possible renewed candidacy for the OB post, it was said by the Greens in federal, state and city.

The board of directors of the Tubingen city association had also terminated the allegiance at that time. And the rejection is now renewed for the time being. "For us Greens in Tubingen, it is especially important that Boris Palmer is no longer a Green OB candidate in 2022," the spokesman for the board announced on Monday. On Tuesday, however, the city council emphasized: “This sentence has not been decided or authorized.” The majority of the city council’s position in spring 2020 was not to support Boris Palmer. But ultimately the decision has to be made by the members.

The former group chairman of the Greens in the Tubingen municipal council, Christoph Joachim, calls for a member survey of the Greens in the university town on the question of who should be supported by the Greens as an OB candidate. "A search committee, as it was being considered in parts of the board, is out of the question," said Joachim on Tuesday. He wanted to bring the topic up on service evening at the annual general meeting of the green city association.

Joachim himself had criticized Palmer in the spring after his statements about the seniors and suggested that another Green candidate be sent against Palmer for the election in 2022. Now he sees it differently. "I released him from the suspended sentence because he now shows empathy for the vulnerable groups," said Joachim. This means the so-called Tubinger Weg, with which Palmer can be read in the media. At the beginning of September, Tubingen introduced regular corona tests for staff in old people’s and nursing homes. This protection concept was intended to prevent the virus from infiltrating the facilities. In the end, however, the concept did not work.