In times of Covid 19, cycling is not only allowed, according to science and the government it can even help to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

5 pictures Looking ahead positively in times of Corona. This works particularly well on a bike tour. Photo: Shutterstock / Andrew Makedonski

Keeping social distance is the order of the day. And health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) explained in his tips on how to behave in relation to the corona crisis that it works better on foot or firmly in the bicycle saddle than on public transport. Everyone who can should change trains and ensure space and distance on buses and trains.

More space in local public transport minimizes the risk of infection. Well. Here are five more reasons why cycling can protect against the coronavirus. In addition, tips on what cyclists should now pay attention to.

Reason 1: automatic spacing

Cyclists automatically keep a distance of one and a half meters.

Reason 2: low risk of infection

Cyclists live safer because the coronavirus is mainly transmitted via droplet infection over a short distance, as the Ulm pulmonologist Michael Barczok from the Federal Association of Pulmonologists, Sleep and Respiratory Medicine (BdV) explains in an article in Spiegel. The risk of "inhaling" the pathogen on a bike is almost zero, says Barczok.

Reason 3: Strengthen and prevent the immune system

Whatever applies, is even more true in times of Corona – cycling strengthens the immune system and makes you less susceptible to diseases. Since gyms are closed for the time being, cycling is a good alternative to keep your body healthy and clear your head.

Reason 4: More muscles for the lungs

According to pulmonologist Michael Barczok, an infection with the coronavirus poses a high risk for people with a lung disease. Therefore, lung training is particularly important for them right now. But cycling also has a positive effect on people without a previous illness. Because the lung muscles are trained during endurance sports. When cycling, the respiratory system is also well ventilated and better supplied with blood. “You breathe more intensely, which means you clean your lungs well. And that’s optimal in terms of virus protection, ”says Barczok.

Reason 5: get the cardiovascular system going

People who have diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension should also exercise, advises pulmonologist Barczok. Because according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), these underlying diseases carry a high risk of a severe course of Covid-19. Regardless of the patient’s age.

  • Do not ride in a group
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other
  • Avoid overcrowded places, streets or paths if possible
  • Wait one after the other at a traffic light and not next to each other
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after cycling – especially if you have touched buttons on traffic lights.
  • Avoid the risk of accidents and thereby not burden medical care additionally

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