Hardly anyone tries so hard to produce good news: But hardly anyone earns so much ridicule. To this end, the committee of inquiry hangs on his neck. About someone who feels misunderstood.

By Iris Marx, https://8infx.com

It is logistics day. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer visits a large service provider near Berlin. In a good mood, he approaches one of the "truck drivers", as he calls them, has a little chat and happily reports that he will inaugurate a loo house afterwards. Yes, Scheuer also thinks about that: the small needs that can turn into big problems for some truck drivers on their tour. The somewhat perplexed "truck driver" smiles.

Results and good pictures also with loo houses

Scheuer obviously feels at home with such appointments. In addition to good pictures, there is also a good story – a quick result. And the 45-year-old from Passau goes to great lengths to produce them. But often things go wrong.

When Scheuer campaigned to get protective masks to Germany, the headline stuck: "The Corona rip-off from China: eleven million masks scrap". The photo of him, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU) and Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr smiling in front of a load of protective masks got something satirical against the background. Scheuer throws his fist lightly on the table when he talks to https://8infx.com about it: "The fact is: We brought the Germans many millions of functioning protective masks. Scrap masks stayed in China because they were expertly checked before shipping." That is what he means by results that do not want to get caught in the people.

The story joins the Scheuer News cosmos from "Next Crash for Andreas Scheuer", "Toll Disaster" or "Fine Madness". When asked about this, Scheuer often says: "The story can be portrayed this way, but it can definitely be portrayed differently."

Slipped picture

Scheuer’s polls are bad. In a comparison of ministers, he always brings up the rear. His predecessors Alexander Dobrindt and Peter Ramsauer (both CSU) did not have a large fan base either. But it is still bitter for Scheuer. Even his political opponents admit that he can achieve quite a lot in transport policy. "From a purely technical point of view, compared to some of his predecessors, he shows more interest and competence in the subject," says FDP traffic expert Oliver Luksic. Something similar can be heard from the Greens. Yet he does not manage to turn public opinion around. The image, which is often well staged, slips.

Car fan with bicycle helmet

Another example: the new road traffic regulations, with which he could have shaken off the image of the car minister through strict speed regulations. Now he wants to take some of them back. An alleged formal error in the regulation could only come in handy. "It works like a flag in the wind," criticized the green traffic expert Stefan Gelbhaar to https://8infx.com. When Scheuer poses with a bicycle helmet, it only looks pseudo-hip.

It is well known that Scheuer is a car fan. Years ago he bought Franz Josef Strauss’ old BMW, built in 1987. "Super gasoline flows through Andi’s veins", Ramsauer is said to have said of Scheuer, who made him State Secretary in the Ministry of Transport in 2009. Scheuer had already been in the Bundestag for seven years. He then became general secretary. Quite a steep career. And now just that.

Scheuer – not exactly squeamish

Scheuer knows that he wasn’t exactly squeamish in his time as Secretary General. One or the other should not have forgotten that – even in their own party. The party leader was still called Horst Seehofer, who is not exactly a friend of Markus Soder. Soder, on the other hand, is not an ardent supporter of Scheuer.

In his home town of Passau, too, Scheuer doesn’t just have friends. But there is hardly any public criticism. Only on Political Ash Wednesday at the beginning of the year did the mood against Scheuer briefly break through. Boos and whistles suddenly mingled in the CSU-euphoric beer tent mood when the microphone was chafing. "That has never happened in the history of the CSU," says one who was there at the time. "Andi would have long since left the window." Corona saved him.

Chafing in the headlines

In 2018, Scheuer brought the former "Bild" man Wolfgang Ainetter on board for his public relations work. The trained psychologist was very good at reassuring protagonists who had been misrepresented by the picture with his subtle Viennese shame. But even he has a hard time ironing out Scheuer’s image again. Ainetter explains the often bad headlines by saying that "Scheuer sells". If Scheuer is in the headline, it gets clicked well. And what entertains more than mishaps?

In the satirical show extra3 he was given his own show character and his own song: "Please step back, Andi Scheuer." Scheuer takes it sporty. He can joke about his public perception himself.

"I like to say for fun: ‘I’m a freelancer for extra3 and the show today, unfortunately not on a commission basis,’" says Scheuer.

Whether he wanted to quit anyway, Scheuer tells "No, no. Sure, I am sometimes touched too. But I don’t duck away. I have patience and staying power. I am someone who stands remains."

Scheuer’s handwriting on the car toll

When it comes to car tolls, he has to answer for it. It wasn’t his idea, but how it was implemented in the end can still go home with him because it bears Scheuer’s signature: in the form of his signature under the contracts. In the reversal, this can result in more than 500 million euros in damages for the taxpayer. Here his unconditional will to produce results could fall on his feet. In the end, you’re always smarter, says Scheuer today. "What do you mean to repent? I had a duty to implement the car toll. That was the law. The opposition just doesn’t want to hear that."

She definitely wants to hear whether there isn’t another side of the story. Whether the contracts really should have been designed like this. FDP committee member Luksic has doubts. He balances the work in the Ministry of Transport because of alleged "intrigues, half-truths and trickery" as Scheuer’s "quasi House of Maut".

Opposition calls ministry "House of Toll"

Right from the start, Scheuer tried to create such a strong image of himself as a scout: When he showed up in the traffic committee with a roll cabinet full of files. Unfortunately this scene is also crazy. He took them back with him because the files still had to be stamped. There was ridicule again. But here too Scheuer’s sentence falls: "The story can be portrayed this way, but it can also be portrayed definitely differently." It offers maximum transparency. He will be able to deliver his story when he is questioned after the summer break. Which picture is he giving there? Not clear.