Becoming popular: Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is not only good at action films, but also at being respectful and down to earth. Photo: AFP

Old school: the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves (55) behaves respectfully, down to earth and pleasantly reserved. In photos, he is careful not to get too close to his female fans. Has he taken the #metoo debate to heart??

Los Angeles – Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous action stars (he can currently be seen in the third part of the film "John Wick") and is one of the highest paid actors. And he’s also one of the most popular. According to a journalist from the "New Yorker", Reeves is even "too good for this world". Author Naomi Fry recently enthused in a recent article that it is the antidote to everything that is going wrong in the news business. In the text she describes, among other things, her own encounter with Reeves. In 2006, she saw him at an event in Brooklyn. The Hollywood star has shown himself to be conspicuously modest: He squeezed into a narrow seat in the cheap seats.

Which might also have something to do with his aversion to fan crowds. Recently, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, he complained about the so-called “star spotters” who would ambush him in front of his villa in Los Angeles. “I go out in the morning to get the newspaper and they are there. You feel like an animal in a cage, "the Daily Mail quoted Reeves.

Now the 55-year-old has made himself popular again. The internet celebrates him for treating women with respect. He doesn’t touch her when he poses with them for a photo, but rather, according to the media, “lets his hand float in the air behind the back of the woman”. Just the old school, Mr. Reeves. Perhaps he has also been sensitized by the #metoo debate and is now trying to avoid any gestures that could even remotely be interpreted negatively.

Some think he is missing out on something, as a Twitter user remarked with amusement and put together various pictures of Reeves’ hand hanging behind female fan backs – as if he were putting his arm around her, but in reality he is not touching her , but only indicates the gesture.

According to a reporter for the "Bild" newspaper, who once met the "Matrix" star personally for an interview, Keanu Reeves was surprisingly shy. He could hardly keep eye contact, his handshake was very gentle and when they took a picture together, it seemed to her that he was very uncomfortable touching her. Reeves, who was born in Beirut, is known to be public shy, and the US magazine “Time” once described him as “Hollywood’s ultimate introvert”. That would also explain the “floating hand” in photos with women.

Reeves faced a number of blows of fate in the 1990s. A daughter together with the actress Jennifer Syme was stillborn in December 1999, one month before the expected delivery date. Two months later, the couple separated but remained in close contact. In April 2001 Syme died in a car accident. For years, he couldn’t cope with the drug death of his colleague and close friend River Phoenix in 1993.

The US magazine "New Yorker" recently asked readers to submit anecdotes and encounters with Keanu Reeves. There was a lot of feedback. One user wrote that he met Reeves about 15 years ago. At that time he worked in a bar himself. They talked about motorbikes, guitars and scotch. "He’s a great guy." Another user reported that he met the actor in New York. He looked at him, he smiled and said hello. "It was a brief moment, a connection that I have never forgotten."

Just recently, Reeves hit the headlines with an amusing episode. Because of a plane breakdown, the actor was stuck with other passengers at an airport in California. He took the incident with humor and became an entertainer for the stranded. He is celebrated by his fans for his down-to-earth attitude. For example, he supposedly takes the subway to work of course. The other day he was strolling through the streets every day and eating a bun on a park bench, as an Instagram user captured photographically.

A few weeks ago, Keanu Reeves was asked on a US talk show what he believed would happen after death. The actor exhaled, taking his time. Then he replied, “I believe that those who love us will miss us.” The excerpt has been shared thousands of times online – a dignified answer to a difficult question.

At the end of last year, colleague Sandra Bullock (54) also raved about Keanu Reeves in an interview with US presenter Ellen DeGeneres. In 1994 the film "Speed" was released, which should make Sandra Bullock a superstar. In the thriller she plays alongside the popular actor who has previously made a name for himself with films such as "My own private Idaho" (1991) or "Point Break – Dangerous Surf" (1991). DeGeneres wanted to know what Bullock thought of him now. "I think about how nice he was, how handsome he was," said Bullock.

By the way, Reeves made an exception to the "floating hand" for the actress. In a photo on Twitter, which shows him in 2018 with Sandra Bullock on one side and the singer Rihanna on the other, he trustingly puts his arm around the waist of his "Speed" colleague.

Apparently he has known her long enough for that. He holds the other arm close to his body, his hand in his pocket. For this, Rihanna tentatively tries to approach and in turn puts her hand on Keanu Reeves’ back. But, who knows, maybe she just let her hand float.