The Union wants to expand the cooperation between the police and the protection of the constitution, the FDP and the Greens are in favor of a strict separation of competencies. Just like the SPD, they demand better control and transparency of the secret services. The Left Party wants to completely dissolve secret services and the protection of the constitution, the Greens want to reorganize the services.


The Union wants to expand cooperation between the police and the protection of the constitution. The anti-terror and right-wing extremism files are to be improved in terms of their research and analysis options. The Union is also committed to left and foreign extremism common compound files. The Union is deployed in the fight against extremism V-people, but wants to control them more effectively. CDU and CSU are calling for greater use of Surveillance cameras at danger points. The police should have faster access to the video recordings of others. The Union wants to increase the search pressure on burglar gangs and give tax benefits to security systems against break-ins. For perpetrators between 18 and 21 years of age, this should be Adult criminal law become the rule.


The SPD wants a "security policy with a sense of proportion" and security and Civil rights arrange. She is for more Transparency in the protection of the constitution and clear rules for dealing with informants. Cooperation on issues relating to the protection of the constitution between the federal government, the federal states, the police and public prosecutor’s offices is to be improved and expanded with new skills. A Privatization of security tasks reject the Social Democrats. They advocate expanding programs against right-wing extremism. The stated goal is a Ban on the NPD. Juvenile delinquency should be prevented through targeted prevention.


The FDP wants that Freedom of the individual protect against interference by the state. Police and intelligence services should concentrate on their core tasks and pay more attention to their areas of competence. Both Intelligence services the FDP calls for better parliamentary control. The federal government is supposed to use the every six months V-people to report. The FDP is against clandestine online searches and wants to examine the extent to which the BKA Act encroaches on fundamental rights. Individual state constitutional protection offices are to be combined, and coordination in the protection of the constitution is to be improved in general. The tasks of the Military Counterintelligence should take over the armed forces and the protection of the constitution. De-radicalization programs are to be expanded.

The left

For the party Die Linke the more effective parliamentary one plays Control of the security authorities an important role. She demands the Labeling requirement for uniformed men police officers and an ombudsman to investigate police misconduct. The security of citizens in public spaces should be protected by more staff. Private security services are to be abolished. The Left Party demands the dissolution of all secret services including the Protection of the Constitution. Instead it should an independent observatory on "Neo-Nazis, Racism, Anti-Semitism" to help protect the constitution. Right-wing offenses should be systematically recorded, federal programs against the law should be comprehensively promoted. The Left Party demands NPD ban.

Alliance 90 / The Greens

The Greens want the tightening and expansion of the Anti-terror laws since 2005 cancel. The tasks of the police and secret services should be strictly separated. The military defense service is supposed to be disbanded Secret services realigned and be more controlled. The Greens want to re-establish the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a clearly defined "domestic intelligence", which deals with counter-espionage and violent endeavors. On the use of V-people should be waived. Programs against right-wing extremism the Greens want to provide 50 million euros per year on a permanent basis. The Greens are demanding NPD ban. You want that Video surveillance in public spaces and oppose clandestine online searches. The party strictly rejects any deployment of the Bundeswehr inside.