FDP, Greens and Left Party reject data retention in principle, while Union and SPD want to enable this under certain conditions. With the exception of the CDU and CSU, all parties want to better protect the data and privacy of employees through their own law.


The Union is in favor of a responsible data policy that the privacy who protects people. She wants Germany to be an "attractive one." Data location"and promote the use of data in a targeted manner. At the same time, users’ interest in protecting their own data should be preserved. The Union wants Minimum storage periods for connection data regulate by law. Necessary data should be available to prosecute serious crimes or avert threats to public safety. Consumer rights the network should be better secured. According to the Union, anyone who wants to use the personal data of citizens must in principle obtain their consent.


The SPD wants to ensure through effective data protection that citizens can confidently determine their personal data. A legal framework is intended to protect consumers on the Internet. Connection data should only be stored under the rule of law and according to clearly limited rules. The storage of Motion profiles is rejected. Exceptions to the principle of confidential communication should only exist in order to prosecute the most serious crimes. The SPD wants to enact its own employee data protection law. Whistleblower companies should be better protected against discrimination.


The FDP wants to strengthen personal rights on the Internet. She rejects the indecent Data retention from. In individual cases, if there is a specific suspicion, existing data should be saved and, after a judicial decision, used for investigative purposes. The storage of Passenger data and the FDP rejects the registration of all border crossings in Europe. She is against the INDECT project, which monitors behavioral patterns in public and automatically checks them for deviations from the norm. Account inquiries should only be allowed if there are indications of criminal offenses. Data stealing should become a criminal offense. The FDP is for a Employee Data Protection Act. The Ministry of Justice should be responsible for data protection.

The left

For the Left Party, the right to informational self-determination has high priority. She speaks to herself versus Data retention, Online searches, general radio cell queries, spying and eavesdropping attacks as well as against the Raster search out. On the Internet and in social media, users should have the right to delete all stored data. The ability to use applications in the network should not be of a Consent to data collection or passing on. The Left Party advocates privacy-friendly technology and data-saving basic settings on the Internet. She is against storing Health data on central servers. Whistleblowers and leaking platforms should be better protected.

Alliance 90 / The Greens

The Greens want to anchor data protection in the Basic Law. The basis is the guiding principle of informational self-determination. Met for the party anonymous communication a key role in the internet age. Computer-related tracking using cookies should be prohibited. The Data retention The Greens reject just as much as online searches or the massive analysis of bank and passenger data without cause. The Greens want to limit excessive data collection for creating customer profiles. The prerequisite for the storage of personal data in business transactions is therefore the express consent of the customer. The Greens want to better protect employees and their data from spying and unauthorized access.